Apply for the 2021 Wangee Design Accelerator Programme

This programme is designed for early-stage designers who have a basic understanding of design, are able to use design tools but want to further sharpen their skills to industry standard. Applicants should show deep interest, commitment, and great potential.

Note that this programme does not teach design from scratch but rather provides the support, insights, practice resources, and feedback necessary to help the applicant become a more skilled designer.

The programme is also not intended for designers who are already advanced experts. 

Programme Details

Application Closing Date: 16th September 2021

Programme Location: Virtual [Zoom and Online LMS]

Programme Components include:

  • Specialization in one of the focal areas of design over the 5-week period
  • Content in your chosen design specialization to study during the week
  • Weekend Zoom sessions with Design Professionals and Experts
  • Weekend Zoom sessions on professional skills needed as a designer
  • Daily design challenge and content creation
  • Creation of a personal design journal/portfolio
  • Closed WhatsApp group for mentoring and feedback

Participants are expected to complete deliverables and attend sessions in a timely manner

Depending on performance during the programme, some participants will have the opportunity to joing the Wangee Distributed team as a Designer and earn from jobs completed.

Design Specializations you can choose from include:
  • Publication Design [Brochures, reports, etc]
  • Landing and Sales Page Design
  • Branding Design [Logo and brand collateral creation]
  • Pitch Deck, Slides, and Presentations Design
  • User Interface Design [Websites, Apps, etc]

Participants who perform well and show interest will have the opportunity to join the Wangee Distributed team as a Part-Time Designer and earn from jobs completed.

Programme Cost: $500

Accepted participants however will get a 95% Scholarship and pay $25 only

There are few 100% scholarships for deserving applicants

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