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High quality standards

Held high and trusted by our clients these are the services we anticipate and aspire to bring you as your trusted service provider.

Leading experts

Our team of experts with diversified talent is at your service.

Value for your service

With high quality content and services, we aspire to bring value for your trust, time and money, all at reasonable prices


With high visibility and brand awareness, you are guaranteed to retain new and old customers.

Generate quality leads

We guarantee you not just customers but loyal customers and advocates for your business.

Promotes brand authority

Our high-quality services guarantee to position you as an expert in your field

what we provide you

Our Services

Pitch Deck/Slides Design


Visual aids help you explain complex ideas in an easier way in turn designing good slides ultimately influences a good presentation.

Landing and Sales Pages Design


Guaranteed landing pages that will increase the conversion rates of your marketing campaign and lower the cost of acquiring a sale.

Publications and Book Design


Our publication design covers everything from magazines, and books to annual reports, brochures, catalogs, newsletters, and journals.

Brand Identity Creation/Design


Your brand’s design is the first thing that markets you. We are here to design a brand that captures and connects with your audience.

User Interface (UI) Design


With Wangee, a unique, effective, and flexible link between your users and your website is guaranteed to be designed for you.

Social Media Graphics Design


Our mission is to identify channels that you can grow your business, improve brand awareness and humanize your brand.


Our Customer Reviews

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Marketing Design Skills Accelerator
5-week mentorship and professional design training. Closes: 6th august 2021
Project Management Associate Hiring

We are looking for an energetic professional to help deliver outstanding design projects for our clients in Africa and globally.

Business Development Associate Hiring

We are looking for an energetic professional to help drive our sales and grow the business in Africa and globally.

How we help you

Submit your draft

Assuming you already have a draft of the content you want to be worked on bring your draft to us. Additionally, even if you are a start-up and do not have any draft yet, not a problem.


After we have a clear view of what your vision is, our experts will sit down and brainstorm on how we will bring your vision to life through a compelling structure which mirrors your vision.


We will then send you our draft to get feedback so we can further refine it. If you are satisfied with the end product we will provide you an editable format of the services you require from us.

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